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How do I curb my panic attacks?


i Think I may be struggling with panic attacks and I am wanting to bring a sense of calm back to my mind. I already have a prescription for anxiety medicine that I take as ordered by my physician. I also have to take medicine for high blood pressure, so I’m very hesitant to ask my doctor for an additional prescription. I wonder what advice I could glean from the people participating in this chat room?

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There are a number of tips that I have read and tried.

-breathing deeply- hold for 2 seconds and exhale slowly. There are breathing apps you can download.

- I sometimes run my hands under cold water. It creates a sensation for me to feel instead of panic.

I read that if you plunge your face in cold water it stimulates the vagus nerve. When I shower at the end I quickly spray myself with cold water to give me a jolt. I hate cold water but it does jolt me. So only for a second I do this.

Chewing gum.Mastication calms you down.

I sometimes lay on the floor and stretch because my muscles tense up so bad. I feel like the Tin man.

Some days I just start labeling what I'm feeling in my body and know that's it's a panic attack and I'm not dying. I just lay down. Like a checklist. Chest feels tight check! Headache check! Neck is stiff! Dizziness check! I lay down for an hour hoping for it to pass. Then it starts to dull.

My GAD is constant. After weaning myself off meds. I wanted to try natural methods. But now, I decided to get back on medication. I struggled and the gad crept back in. I have to make a doctors appointment .

I tried so many natural things and tips. But it's hard with this modern life and economic reality. My brain can't cope with modern stresses. I have to accept going back to medication because it works for me.

I hope you make some progress. I hope you find something that works for you!

Your friend

😻Ayla Kat

IAMDONE in reply to Ayla-Kat

Thank you so much for your reply, my friend. I have a refill that I received yesterday and therefore continue to take. My doctor’s office continues to prescribe Lexapro; however, I am now coupling that with talk therapy, suggested by them, that I will be starting in about a week. I chose a (licensed) Christian counselor.

P.s I forgot to include. Meditation, chanting or prayer videos on YouTube are nice to listen to!

IAMDONE in reply to Ayla-Kat

And I do agree with that as well, Ayla-Kat!!!!

Plus, I have found that because I enjoy singing, singing along to YouTube videos helps me, personally. (Think: Karaoke-style).

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