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^A little insight about my life^

I have good days and I have bad days just like everyone else. I'm far from perfect even though sometimes I wish I could be, and just maybe things will be alot easier. I feel like a prisoner in my own thoughts. Constantly analyzing how things got to this point. I've struggled with anxiety going on 14yrs now and recently seeked treatment 2yrs ago. I was in denial for quite some time making myself believe it was only in my head and can be controlled but honestly it only made things worse. I felt like if i medicated myself with the proper meds it would only make me weak, as if I failed myself on trying to control something that can't be controlled. I wish I knew there was this site along time ago and others that are going through almost the exact same thing as I am. Is it possible now I wont feel so alone?

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The community is helping me not to feel so alone. I’ve struggled to my recollection for at least fifty years. I didn’t realize what was happening until about twenty-five years ago after dealing with a terrible divorce that still causes so much pain and anxiety. I go through the denial phase, decrease meds and fill myself with busyness (church, relationship, part-time employment).... only to end up in the same place and starting all over again. I’m currently in the phase of restarting my life for at least the sixth time! I hope you can find solace by participating in the talks.


Yes. Thank you very much, as to you! :)

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I find sharing here and reading the posts helps me see I am not alone. There are others who are just like me. Dealing with the same stuff as I am. It helps to relate to others.


Why would you want to be perfect? No HUMAN is perfect. Be kind to yourself.


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