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Not sure if I have anxiety

Hi everyone, I am new here and just need some guidance; is it possible to have physical symptoms of anxiety yet I don't feel that I am overly worried about things. I have the normal stresses; working, kids, running a household and so on. My husband is also in a wheelchair and currently in hospital (120km away) for 6 weeks which means much more traveling and logistics with two busy kids and getting a week's work done in three days so I can visit him. I also have some health issues with an auto-immune disorder but it doesn't cause me to much concern on most days. I live alone on a farm in South Africa where 74 farmers have been killed this year so far... I have pretty good security and I sleep okay - but most nights I have some insomnia.

The thing is that while all of this could certainly be cause for stress or anxiety I don't feel anxious in my thoughts and I stay calm and I reassure my sick hubby and calmly deal with nurses and family, I am not teary or sad. So why does my body show physical signs that I've heard are due to anxiety; loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, irritability, I had shingles a little while back, I am just recovering from flue for the second time in two months. I get headaches and tense muscles - I even shake (it starts like an internal vibration). The other day I could not breath and had chest tightness and all it was was a busier than normal day. I feel like I am mentally strong but my body seems to be falling apart - which is really the only thing causing notable me stress now.

Is it anxiety or something else?

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Hello, FarmHer. You are such a loving person. You take care of your husband. I am not a physician nor I am a health professional. It seems that you are experiencing a physical illness. Anxiety disorder s conjure intense worry and .

The body is a reaction to a stimulus .

The body is a complex system. I have friends who have auto immune and hormonal thyroid disturbances like Hashimotos or Cushings. A physician will help you the best. They will rule out certain conditions based on blood tests or deficiencies.

I have sleep apnea and a clap was prescribed for me. My doctor took various blood tests . She based my GAD on a self survey

she had me take.

All I can say my GAD diagnosis was made after blood tests . Sleep apnea diagnosed and surveys she had me take.

I hope you will be able to pinpoint your diagnosis. It should not define you but at least you will have a direct ion to go towards .

Wishing you healing. And hugs. I wish I was blessed with healing powers . I t breaks me heart to see others suffer.

Your friend

😻 Ayla-Kat


Thanks for your reply Ayla-Kat. I think I will perhaps get into contact with my doctor just to make sure that the symptoms are anxiety related and treat it accordingly. Too bad I can't stand going to a doctor - nevermind reading him a loooong old list of complaints lol


Gad constitutes excessive daily worry of weeks to months.


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