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Opportunity Knocks!

So I took my son to do some community service at our local LGBT center and while talking to the CEO about my struggles with mental illness and the lack of local support groups for this...she offers to start a group at the center with me as the group facilitator! I’m so excited, also super scared and nervous but this is a great opportunity for me to meet others that also deal with what I do and together we can listen to each other, support one another! 😌

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I have been in and/or facilitated a lot of support groups. They are great, but there are intricacies to make them safe and smooth. PM me if I can be of assistance.

Some of the things are; confidentiality, "I" statements, boundaries, dedication, and ways to get the group talking.


Ok great! Any advice would be great and appreciated! 👍🏼


Support Group Ground Rules

1. Confidentiality first. What is said in the group, stays in the group.

2. Share feelings and experiences, but not advice.

(Use "I" statements)

3. Accept each other without making judgments.

4. Listen to each other. Give everyone an opportunity to share.

5. Avoid interrupting or having side conversations.

6. Silence all cell phones.

7. Always be honest.

8. Have a positive attitude.

9. Be on time.

10. Be respectful and sensitive to others.

11. Be supportive and encouraging to each other.

12. Refrain from using offensive language.


Thank you so much!


That is great news!!! Congrats!

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Thank you! I’m hoping it goes well! 🤞🏼



I’m so pleased for you x


Please keep us updated. I feel that my area could use the same type support.


Congrats- What a wonderful offer and opportunity for you, the center and Many people in your community! That must have made you feel supported and validated and appreciated. Nerves will pass once you start researching maybe other programs in other places,even out of state and talk to others that started such a group! You’ll be knowledgeable and informed and that is power to combat nerves! Best of luck and thank you for taking on this great new opportunity and want/willingness to help others! You’re an inspiration! Keep us posted! M


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