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Any one on Mirtazapine for OCD & depression?


just looking for some advise.

i was diagnosed in 2015 with OCD & diagnosed with PND in march. I suffered with Suicidal intrusive thoughts that caused extreme distress & anxiety in turn lowered my mood too.

i had a short stay as a voluntary patient in a unit so i could get rest & be safe.

i have never made plans or attempted anything in actual fact im quiet frightened of it.

i was started on 15mg of mirt was on that dose around 5 weeks, i had a really good 4 weeks and seemed to perk up the thoughts slowed down the less i paid attention to them but by week 5 i dipped again and was struggling so my psychiatrist said the dosage wasnt high enough so she increased me to 30mg ive been on the 30's 5 weeks just going into my 6th week, i had 3 weeks really good and again ive dipped & the thoughts are back. the last few mornings ive felt like i want to just stay in bed and sleep :( i had an awful very grapgic nightmare last night which is unusual for me & i woke up really distressed. im starting to think maybe Mirt isnt the right medication for me?

i dont recieve any therapy and see a CPN once every 2 weeks :/

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from my own personal experience....depression for me more-so is an emotional roller coaster. There really are ups....and there are's cyclical. For me also...if there is a lot of stress socially around issues going on in my anxiety peaks....but when my life events calm or I see at least a solution to a situation in anxiety will get better. I am on SSRI's and it does help me...but it was trial and error to get the right meds and right does not mean I don't have bad days...they are just usually not as bad, mini melt downs aren't as often, and because I had quite a bit of therapy for my abuse issues, that has helped tremendously as well.


there had been no mention of therapy for me all i keep being told is once im stable :/


...if you don't feel right...then I would get a second opinion....doctors are not therapists.


the above is what i was told by the CMH Team not Gp.


Becky BooO you have a lot of courage.I go back to your doctor to see if he can do more for you and I have heard some times that are Mirt isntit really the strongest drug .


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