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Anxiety Attack

I don’t trally know where, or how to start. I’m hoping Just reaching out and putting my feelings into words helps, or that someone out there can give some much needed advice.

For about the past four days I think I’ve been suffering from a pretty bad anxiety attack. Sleep is difficult at best. I can’t quiet my head enough to relax, and my heart pounds in my chest. I try done deep breathing and sometimes that helps enough to get to sleep but only for a few hours and I wake up and the anxiety is still there. I’m constantly on edge, and find leaving the house an extremely scary idea. I can barely eat. I have s difficult time focusing on anything else. This fear is just so overwhelming, almost paralyzing. But it’s worse at night, when I try to go to bed and just have all these scary things running around in my head.

I should also say that this isn’t just random worrying. A specific event occurred and it has me waiting, no matter how small the chance, for the other shoe to drop, as it were.

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Hello, Knight Life. I've felt those anxiety and panic attacks that you speak of. It is when I have a lot of stressors in my life. I had a really stressful job with difficult circumstances. Is it a reaction to stressful situation or is it physical with your body.

I never knew what was wrong with me. Doctors kept saying it was depression. But when I read about GAD generalized anxiety disorder. That was me with all the symptoms.

The body is really difficult thing to manage. I have been slowly fixing things and learning. I had a vitamin d deficiency in thewinter. So I use supplements. It helped a little.

I am sorry you are experiencing those attacks. I know what you are talking about.

I am still trying to figure out what works for me and what does not. You will have to work on trying to fix yourself.

You can go pharmaceutical route or natural. I tried pharmaceutical with Zoloft. It helped and turned off the panic attacks. It was helpful to get through the stressful job. But it makes you feel empty. I quit the job and weaned off the meds. But it was helpful to get me through the stretch of time. It took 3 months to get adjusted, for it to kick in. And I had to get a higher dose when you stressor put me over the edge. I worked with toxic people.

If you go the natural route. It is difficult as well but

I want to think it's better. I'm not a doctor and I'm not a naturopath, but YouTube was helpful trying to find helpful tips.

There is this guy on YouTubenamed Noah. His channel is Bigknowknow . He had a testosterone problem and went through a difficult journey to get health back. He is helpful so it could be a health problem or vitamin deficiencies in the case of another guy on YouTube. He had vitamin deficiency.

So the pharmaceutical route helped me through a rough phase. But I'm trying to find alternative solutions. Benedetto helps at night if I need the occasional knock out drug. Valerian root stinks but it helps. These are all subtle things.

On YouTube. I see people talk about supplements. Calm is a magnesium drink you can buy and helps relax your muscles. I'm looking at gaba , 5 htp,

L theanine as what people recommend. I read Amazon reviews and testimonials. Someone mentioned True Calm from NoW supplements worked for her. Read the Amazon reviewThe best thing you can do is try for yourself. Work at making yourself better. My heart and care go out to you. I wish for your suffering to go away. Work for yourself. It will be a difficult journey but you will know yourself. Take care, my friend.



First, I just want say thanks for taking the time to respond, and for the kind words. It does help knowing there’s others out there. And secondly, thanks for the advice. I will definitely look into some of them. I have considered Benadryl before, mostly because it knocks me out. I take that stuff and I’m usually asleep for s good long time. But it leaves me feeling lethargic for a good portion of the next day.

But again,thanks for reaching out. Much appreciated.

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*Benedryl oops autocorrect


I’ve had pretty bad anxiety attacks and been in a very similar place and the only thing that’s really helped is meds. Sometimes you need medication to start the process of feeling good again. Once your everyday life changes because of anxiety, you got to find more help than just coping skills. I went from anxiety attacks several times a day and not sleeping more than four hours a night to being able to see past my anxiety and sleeping fully at night without waking up sweating and terrified.

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