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Constant Anxiety

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I'm a RN working in a mental hospital, and I feel like I'm going nuts sometimes. (Ironic eh?) I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I'm very happy with my life; a good job, a lovely fiancé, friends, and yet on a daily basis I have anxiety that overwhelms me, with no apparent reason. It would be easier if I could say "this is what's making me anxious" but I'm feeling all of this anxiety for no reason, it comes on suddenly out of the blue and can last for hours. Xanax helps most of the time but not always, and I don't want to depend on it. I feel a pressure in my head, have trouble focusing, become irritable, etc. I've seen multiple therapists but have never found much help from them. I've tried so many different medications and finally am starting to feel better on Gabapentin, but still get these random bouts of anxiety.

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Hey there...just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone. I’m a doctor and I also have anxiety and depression which sometimes just seem to come up out of the blue. My symptoms are really difficult to control despite many medications and treatments but I just know that there will be good days and some not so good ones. What I’ve found helpful are meditation ( I use the headspace app which has even short meditations for in the middle of the day when you may be in distress), yoga and exercise have also helped a lot in helping me to calm down.

Also, aromatherapy is another thing that sometimes works - there are little calming roll ons with chamomile and vanilla from bath and body works (they have them for sleep too) and I’ve also found lavender essential oil to be quite calming.

Sending you lots of love and peace.

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