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Lost Mandatory Reconsideration

Hi everyone, Iv`e been on esa since august, had my assessment in September then on 10th Dec 2017 received a phone text saying I didn`t have to send more sick notes as I had qualified for esa but no letter, by the 22 Dec I decided to phone, the gentleman that I spoke with told me that I had been put in wrag and was very apologetic as I hadn`t received a letter explaining this and they had made this decision 11th nov, being worried that I had now past the month in which I could ask for a reconsideration. After the Christmas holidays I phoned again explained that I had never had a letter and that I had to phone up to find out about the outcome and asked if I could put in for an MR, she agreed and gave me a date when to have it in, I also asked for my medical report, Two weeks later the report came, I was heartbroken and reduced to tears reading the inaccuracy and dishonesty the assessor had wrote about me, my name was on the report but it wasn`t about me!!After sending a 5 page letter why I think I should be placed in the support group and also sending more evidence with a letter from my doctor, After 3 months I finally received a letter saying "You indicated that you may be providing further information ( Which I did) but however as of today no information has been received". I got the 15 points but she said I was put in the limited capability for work related activity. The letter also says that further evidence will be taken into consideration when it is received. What I would like to know is do I start a Tribunal or if I send more evidence to DWP will it hold off the one month with the tribunal? Thank you

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It sickens me so much how the DWP treats people, I have been on the receiving end of there crap too, one day there will be a system created that does not treat vulnerable people like criminals, I wish you the best with this fight and I hope you win it, remember don't give up, you are in the right, they are not :-)


Thanks Kittyjump :)


Hey no problem :-) remember you are in the right, don't let them grind you down, you can win :-)


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