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Anxiety & depersonalization

I have been trying so hard to get myself out there more- - like goin driving, really dedicating time to get a job, try to be social again, etc. when I’m out the majority of the time I feel good, driving and listening to music to distract any negative thoughts that want to come in.

Sometimes though I’ll be driving, or in a store, or just anywhere and I’ll have this hit of the weirdest feeling ever, like I’m there but not really there. Depersonalization I hear is what it’s called. Then, ofcourse that gets me a little anxious and I worry that I’ll never feel completely “normal” again.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? If so what have been your tips and tricks to get through those moments and not allow them to set me back.

TIA! ❤️

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I haven't personally experienced that in particular, but when I have my own strange symptoms I try to remember that they are part of the illness...I've experienced it before, I don't die from them. Yes its very annoying, but don't add worry and anxiety to an already bad situation...don't feed those thoughts and indulge in the misery of repeating to yourself "this is never going to get better...Im in bad shape...this sucks etc." that only reinforces a bad feeling and a negative thought which only helps to reinforce it and make it even scarier. Patience with yourself, rather than trying to hard (and being hard on yourself) will result in those symptoms actually being less frightening and the frequency of occurrence will go down too.

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Went through some of your other posts and I have been in your situation. There are many things you can do to help yourself but can you first elaborate on what you are doing ito Meds, diet, CBT etc...?


I experience them and wish I can make them vanish, but they don’t. On the brighter side of the matter: those feelings are harmless, so basically what you need to know is: when they come recognize and acknowledge them for what they are: DP/DR thoughts/sensations, the moment you do that it will relieve a bit of the anxiety because your brain will know they are harmless and you are not in danger, then next thing is distract and engage more in whatever activity you are doing. They come in waves, so when the wave hits: acknowledge/distract/engage

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