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Hi I am Michelle. Mother of 2 boys and 1 daughter! They make me proud!! Currently working from home with the option of going to clinic one day a week which I try to do to get out of the house. My depression is not doing well and I just need a place to get some positive feedback in my life! I tend to keep thing bottled up inside until I can’t do it anymore and explode pushing everyone away. So I am looking for positive vibes and a good person to talk to. Thank You~Michelle

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At times I find my depression frustrating too. Depression is a powerful thing that is very good at self preservation. I work on telling myself that the depression will pass. I need to take care of myself until it does. I need to regain control of myself to defeat the depression. When I do, I start to feel much better.

Most people will suggest a therapist.i can't afford one so instead I go to a support group for depression and it really helps.i feel comfortable talking to people who understand how I am feeling and I can support others in turn.

Parenting while having depression is tough (I'm a full time single father). Getting the energy to make dinner (if you could call what I do as cooking) and taking my daughter to all her events is tough.

Hang in there. I have found that there are many supportive people on this site.

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