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So, I have been looking at some of the symptoms of being bipolar. I've tried to notice over time that sometimes I can go from being extremely happy to very sad. I don't know if I am bipolar. But when I look at the symptoms I can relate to a few of them. I have had loss of sleep, been falling asleep at midnight and getting up at six a.m. I know that I am impulsive because I do and say whatever comes to my mind. I can also relate to harm and not concentrating, but that may be because I suffer from ADHD as well. So does any of this mean I am bipolar? Or do I actually have to go to the doctor and get diagnosed?

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I can certainly relate to what you are saying...I was always told I had MDD and GAD. But, it's so bad that I lock myself in the house for weeks, months ....I can't even talk on the phone to my parents. I go from very happy to wanting to live under a rock.

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