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My chest is so tight

Im crying internally and externally.

I try to get people to stay but it pushes them further away.

I feel extremely unattractive

I feel uncomfortable

I feel so lonely

I feel like a burden

I feel like a loser

As much as I try not to believe it I don’t belong in this world. Everyone faces their inner demons on a daily basis but I am the demon inside and out. I’ve lost myself

Im trying to gain control of my life but I don’t

I see people living while I sit here wasting air. Wasting existence.

I have anger issues

I’ve had my heart broken 1000 times and it’s all my fault. All of this is my fault.

Im sorry for my existence.

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One day at a time tomorrow can always be better. You have to work at it.


you’re existence means so much to me.

i know EXACTLY how you feel. it hurts so much. it’s terrible to feel like you aren’t good enough, or nobody is there for you.

please try to push these thoughts away! you aren’t a waste of space. you’re here for a reason. you are unique in your own way.

i’m praying for you. i suggest you speak to a professional about these feelings? their methods can really help!

i’m always here if you need to talk, also.

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