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No matter how much sleep I get I am extremely tired and fatigued in the morning. This accompanies dizziness, lightheadedness, heavy head and eyes sensation, and feeling weak in the mornings.

I do not have under or overactive thyroid, my BP is normal, no sleep apnea, no diabetes, no heart problems, normal blood work and CT scan, NOTHING is wrong with me yet I feel so sick all the time - especially in the mornings. The symptoms are constantly there but ease up as the day goes on.

How can this be anxiety... Worried I have MS or something undetected :(

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Hi Rachel, it honestly can all be due to anxiety. Anxiety is exhausing and does affect our bodies in lots of ways. Steve

Have you tried some basic exercise? Physical activity can help with anxiety. I understand you're tired but find something fun such as walking thru the mall or park or whatever brings you some joy. If you're lethargic, you will always feel tired and then it becomes a vicious cycle. Try it, you won't regret it.

rachel913 in reply to panamagd

im too afraid to exercise with how weak and fatigued i feel already. but you do have a point! maybe ill give it a try.

normal :\

well consider me scared.

Look man. This is a ANXIETY SUPPORT GROUP . dont come at her saying some scary shit. She has none of those symptoms of a brain stem tumor . she has had a scan and it was normal ....... So next time you state your opinion on a certain health matter be sure you know all the symptoms and dont try and be a doctor and scare her to death ..... Thank you

I guess I do too then.

May i ask why your think this????

My ct scan showed no fluid build up..

Ct scans detect fluid so why are you making a point to scare her???

Are you feeling better today? Hope so (fingers crossed)!

rachel913 in reply to panamagd

I am feeling the same.. five months later.. nothing has changed, but nothing has happened at the same time. this is all so confusing.

My main symptom of anxiety is dizziness and it is worse in the mornings for me too. I wake up anticipating dizziness and most days can bring it on by being afraid of it. If I keep myself busy it doesn't seem to be as bad. I have taken some online college courses and when I am busy studying or doing homework I am always ok. Do you have any friends you could go for a walk with? Tell them how you are feeling and start slow.

rachel913 in reply to apb89

i agree that when i am busy it is a little bit more manageable but there are times where it is so intense all i can do is sit and worry about how i feel to be honest. and i do go on short walks. i can only walk for like 10 minutes at a time currently... but i used to not be able to walk outside at all and only took a couple hundred steps a day. now im up to 2000 ish.. it's not great at all but it's progress from where i was i suppose.

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