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Feeling alone today. Just hoping to not go deeper into depression. One minute I'm doing great and the next minute I wish I wasn't here dealing with the bipolar2. The ups and downs are horrible. All I want is to feel happier but the depression sucks the energy out of me! Yukky feeling. Like today I don't have the energy to take a shower!!! I hate this feeling. Anyways have a great day to all.

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Hi lovedogs im sorry to see you are feeling so down have you had any cbt or another type of therapy ! If you need any help just message anyone on here im sure everyone will help take care all the best david

I've tried therapy for years but it never works. Thanks for your message but I don't trust therapists anymore. Its just one of those days that I have no energy to breathe. Hoping to get passed it really soon. Hope all is going good for you.....Kacey

I'm sorry you feel that way today! I know that feeling, one day I'm feeling really good and next day something, not sure what, will really get me down. The feeling is so strong there have been times where I felt like I could easily break down and cry.

Just know we are here with you, even if only online, to support you and just listen.

Metalminded, your a dear!!! Thanks for always being there. Your a great friend!!😀😀 How are you feeling?? Great I hope😎😀💝

Your friend, kacey

Thank you :) ! My name is Leigh, I'm sorry I didn't say earlier, or I don't remember if I did LOL.

I'm doing ok, my shoulder feels pretty good, my issue lately have been the cysts I've had since having my kidney transplant. I have been getting them on my back and upper legs. The one on my left leg is really tender and sore. So that has really been getting me down, plus I've been gaining weight, my own fault, and it's depressing me more, then I want to eat more again. It's a vicious circle.

I'm glad your shoulder is much better. I know shoulder pain very well. Rotator cuff surgeries are tough. I've had 3!! Now have arthritis in both. Ugh. I'm glad you got a transplant. That's a gift of life. Wonderful!! Hope the cysts get better soon. As far as gaining weight, I have as well. Gained 80 pds. Its very depressing!! I just lost some and gained it all back fast. I go for walks but my anxiety is so bad that I come home and hide in my apt the rest of the day. No fun whatsoever. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! Oh nice to meet you Leigh

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