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Eyes feeling heavy all the time

Could I have a b12 deficiency as I’m keep getting numbness nd pins and needles in my arms and feet. It feels like my eyes are so heavy all the time too like I feel so fatigued. And I keep getting blurriness in my eyes all the time now. Normally in the past when I get showered in the morning I feel refreshed but now I shower and come out still feeling like I’ve got a heavy weight on my eyes. Had eyes tested at opticians and nothing’s changed with my sight so. Does anyone else recognise these symptoms as having b12 deficiency?

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I would contact a physician about this.


I will have to wait until Monday now with the doctors being closed on a weekend. Felt like this for weeks now and it’s getting me down. Feels like I have tunnel vision. Opticians says I have dry eyes but I’m using eye drops so I can’t see that causing so much heaviness in my eyes. Feels like I need matchsticks to keep my eyes open! It’s an awful feeling


I have dry eye myself and use restasis. Good luck on Monday.


Does your dry eyes make your eyes feel heavy?


Sometimes, but restasis has been helping.

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