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How do I talk to my loved ones?


My hips and shoulders are covered in scars from cutting right now and I want to tell my family because I know that summer it coming up and I think it's important that they know before they see me in a bathing suit, but how do I have that conversation? they know that I am on medication for depression, but how do I tell them this - especially my mother - without breaking their hearts?

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I doubt that there is a pleasant way to bring this subject up with your loved ones. My opinion is to be honest and open about it with them, and have a full discussion. The relief of them finally knowing may help prevent you from cutting in the future.

Hi there. In all courteousness, cutting is serious because what lies behind the cutting itself as well as the urge to cut is serious. Maybe you could talk to your mother privately, tell her you are taking your medicine for depression and you are still cutting. Tell her you have to have her support and help with that, too. You may have to see a psychiatrist who specialises in cutting. Please, do not put this off. It sounds like you have to have your mother's help: you will not break her heart. You did not do anything wrong: you are in anguish. Mothers are ready to help their daughters. :) We hope you feel better and your talk about this with your mother goes well. Thx! :D

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