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Depression advice?



My long term relationship of nearly 12 years broke down about 7 weeks ago, but each day that goes by i feel worse and worse. I have no interest in anything, can't eat much, lost weight, cant sleep, and having slightly worrying thoughts when i say worrying i mean thoughts of would it be eaiser if i wasnt here? these are feelings i never really had before. I thought that things would get better, but things are getting worse. I have become very snappy and rude to the people around me and cant control any emotion at all. I feel depressed, not just sad or emotional but genuinely depressed. I am booking to see my doctor next week to ask for some advice a friend of mine suggest going on a low dosage of anti depressant to help control my feelings and pick up my mood. I am very unsure as i hate asking for help. But i need some advice?

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Talking to your doctor sounds like a great idea. Find a good therapist to talk to. The world is a better place with you in it! You sound like a sensitive person... and sensitive people are sunlight in this world.

Other suggestions:

Also add some cardio to your day... on he talks about exercise versus drugs for depression

Also consider trying to eat healthier...

His diet is basically a plant based diet.. There are no negatives to eating more fruits and vegetables.

Do you have any pets ? Could you adopt an animal from a shelter ?

I have found that animals.. cats, dogs.. etc can bring so much joy. If you adopt one from a shelter you will save its life. Our shelter dog is the happiest little guy on earth.. he loves us so much.. he still has issues when he leave him alone but he is a real doll.

Please know that I am praying for you. Sending some hugs too!


Thank you so much for this reply it means a lot. I’m not one for opening up or asking for help so it means a lot. I have pets and good family and friends. I think Iv had a huge shirt in mylife since a breakdown in my relationship. I’m only 27 but have this feeling of my life is over and dark doom. I was very active and a marathon runner but due to work and commitments that slipped. So maybe I need to start again, Iv just been at rock bottom for a few weeks but it’s not getting better.

Thank you!

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