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Hard night

I had been feeling so good today. I have been eating and I didn’t have one single panic attack. Then tonight I started to have an asthma attack and it’s like all hell broke loose. It’s like my anxiety is back in full force.

Why are nights so much harder? I hate this. I hate not being able to control what’s going on with my body. I hate that this can have such a negative impact on my life.

Sorry for just complaining, and thanks to whomever reads this. It helps me to think through my thoughts if I can type or write it out.

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It's feels so helpless to let this "force" knock you around whenever it wants to, right? Have you watched any of Claire Weekes' videos on YouTube? She can give you a method to deal with panic attacks, and get back control of your life.


I haven’t. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look her up. Right now I think I would try just about anything to get a handle on things.


Two of her books (which are on Amazon) which are very helpful are "Hope and Help for Your Nerves" and "Peace From Nervous Suffering". I recommend either or both.


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