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Ankle surgery plus depression ,plus anxiety


I just don’t know where to start writing.... on March 6 2018 i had ankle surgery because i busted my right ankle , i broke 3 bones and they had to do surgery, everything went well Thank God, but for me is not well, i can’t drive (when I’m a independent person and also the head of my house) i feel since this accident happened everything is falling apart, bills, debts everything i’m scared that I’m not going to be able to walk again, I’m terrified in this taking more time to heal, and i just cry every single day because i feel useless, yes i have extra help for some stuff but i still deal with my kids when i can, i just I’m tired of being in crutches, I’m on my 17 day post op, i already got removed 40 staples from my ankle and my dr already put me in the boot, yes is good that i can take a shower without it but still seeing my feet all swallow and ugly gets me, I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for more than 8 years now , and i think this has worsen my conditions because is frustrating, i just hope time flys and i can be able to walk and be myself soon, is just that right now i think I’m in a bad place, I’m not happy, i feel ugly and fat , my feet is a mess and literally i can’t do much in the house or at my job

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It's just so terribly hard and frustrating when you just have to let nature take it's course, especially when you have always kind of been the one who delegated....I'm sorry your hurting, and absolutely all this waiting to get better would be frustrating as well. It will pass and yes, you will be back up on your feet, at break speed sooner than you think, you may even look at this time out as a gift...yes...really....think about it....yes bills come, kids are needing stuff....but your's okay....everyone is getting what they need and nobody has imploded....pick up a book, watch some movie's....but let yourself actually enjoy them....your allowed....there's nothing you can do anyway's to make your ankle heal faster...stop beating yourself up about it and try and give yourself a the way....state of mind has a lot to do with your physical breath...let yourself heal....

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