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Weight gain


So I have not posted for a while

A month ago I was finally put on antipsychotic as the thoughts were slipping out of control and the derealization and depersonalization were getting worse

With that said the meds provided a significant relief

Not all thoughts gone

But a huge decrease

However what I wasn’t prepared for is the weight gain, I gained 8 kgs

I can’t keep on going on this weight gain,

But I can’t give up the medications too

I am considering a weight loss procedure

Either gastric balloon, gastric sleeve or gastric Botox

Has anyone tried any of them while being on meds?

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I don't believe surgery is a good option over diet and some exorcise even if it's just walking, swimming is an excellent exorcise. I know of two people who had a bypass done, and it has been nothing but problem after problem. One has since passed away. So no....I don't think any of those options for wt. gain are a good idea. I would talk to your doctor about your wt. gain with your meds and if there is a different combination or type of med that does not cause wt. gain but will give you the same results.

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