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Hello everyone


Hello again. I just wanna day thank u to everyone that commented on my last post. I have found ways throughout the years to help with my anxiety. I have moved to a new city and I think my anxiety is starting up again. I feel very homesick. I have been getting panic attacks a lot more . I’m trying to get comfortable living here but sometimes it’s so hard. Any suggestions on how to overcome this

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I really should start to excercise. I’m starting a new job which is exciting but driving makes me nervous. I don’t drive on freeways because that makes me anxious. I’m trying to find a route I’m ok with by myself. If I drive with my boyfriend in the car, then I’m ok cuz he is there but he can’t always be with me . Thanks for responding. I really need to talk and find ways to deal with it

Thanks so much. I am gonna try having him sit in the back seat. I gotta get thru this

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