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A bit of how it feels



goals completed in the sun so they disappear Int the moon and I still dream but the dreams are hard to recall now and the passion less intense and I wonder do I still believe in them that they exist the gold and angels as I struggle below these glories I spiral down after i miss with a heart that jumps up to save me When I think of the next thing that is important to me that I care too much about maybe the dreams have turned on me And I cannot see my way back into belief that heaven is not too far away stretching spiraling Finally casting light on land as the sky screams a color I’ve not yet seen

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Soooo beautiful! I can relate. Here’s hoping to see the colors that are muted by the clouds and to see the light that is the sun of successes that can be achieved once more, one day.....

Starrlight in reply to iris_r

Yes I like that; here’s hoping!

iris_r in reply to Starrlight

Indeed :)


I know everyone is given a gift to do something special in life. I think the people closest to God’s heart are the one’s he has given the gift of creating beauty, things other people can enjoy. I think that if you see yourself the way God sees you, you would soar! Beautiful poem. Thank you for the imagetry. God tells us to think on things from above where Christ sits on the right hand of the father. Thank you for giving us something to meditate on, for giving us something to build our Godly imagination. It is what we are suppose to do with our minds.

Starrlight in reply to Hidden

I don’t know how I would ever know how God sees me. To think of things from above, I think that’s good, and to try to imagine all the greatness that God is and of what He wants us to do on earth.

Hidden in reply to Starrlight

You do know how He sees you. In the Bible David was a man after God’s heart, not because David was perfect, many of the people who God loved as shown in the Old Testament were not perfect, but there was one thing they all had in common, a love for God, they honored Him, acknowledged him in their lives, it was their heart he saw. We are in the new covenant with God, all are loved and can experience a relationship with Him, but I believe God still has His David’s, Joseph’s, Abraham’s, Noah’s, Deborah’s(book of Judges). Fearfully and wonderfully made, how marvelous are the works of his hands. You do know how he sees you! So soar! So you can be an inspiration to others, soar!