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How do you focus with anxiety?

This week has been physically and mentally exhausting. I had two group presentations, a group paper and three midterms (I have the final one tomorrow).

I have been more aware of the fact that I can get all of my assignments done despite the fact that my anxiety and depression make it extremely difficult to do so. My therapist always encouraged me to celebrate this as many people aren't able to do this, and as a result, need to drop out of school. And this has always been the case when it came to my daily homework assignments and projects. However, when it comes to studying I can not seem to focus. I will literally focus on everything else under the moon except for my exam. I will think about what I have to do tomorrow, next week, next month, what happened today, what my exact schedule will be tomorrow (and this almost never happens the way I plan it), etc. It is so ungodly frustrating because it ultimately causes me to get even more stressed out and anxious that I will not do well on the exam. And this is a continuous cycle that I cannot seem to break.

Has anyone else dealt with anything similar before? What do you recommend?

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im not a doctor, but i would say meditation really helps. at first it is hard, but soon it will calm and unwind you down. I would try that, so far out of all the people ik who tried it it worked


Is there any medication you would recommend me asking my psychiatrist when I visit in a few weeks?


that is something i would ask a psychiatrist myself, but medication should be last resort as you may become dependent on it or may should bad side effects.


Yeah, I will have to ask about new medication. The one I was on before wasn't much help. I am currently struggling to study for my last exam this week because of this ;(


Maybe you should give yourself a certain amount of time to think about anything else, and then at a certain time buckle down and study for the exam. In other words, a little structure in your piddling around may help you to get cracking on what's important. You are currently under enormous stress, and you're entitled to goof around a little and get your mind off of things. Just be sure to end the goofing off at a set time, and then get down to business.

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Okay, I can definitely try that for next time :) Thanks!


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