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Anxiety and social situations (work and play)

I recently have quit two jobs in a two week period. I had a job for nearly two years and felt my environment was hindering me and causing more depression/anxiety (something I have always dealt with,) so I got a new job doing something very similar, but anxiety caused me to cry nearly every day, I was always tired, and I’ve been off medications for years. My boyfriend told me he would support me until I got my mind together, so I did. I went to four different institutions to ask for help and only one could help me, and I had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and he immediately shut that down and told me it was “just depression with characteristics of anxiety.” He didn’t give me medication and told me to go back on April 23 (well over a MONTH away.)

I sleep a lot, I sleep hard and am always tired. I’ve gained 60 pounds. I am also in school so I was thinking going only part time will help, but I am still nervous about trying. I have weeks where I am sleeping a lot, having facial hot flashes randomly, and feel nauseous.

I am not sure where to go from here. I am basically just doing homework and household chores. I don’t have any friends to see, because I am usually always annoyed or irritated and people think I’m mean or unapproachable. I also become extremely anxious when driving and usually have my boyfriend drive and I hate ordering meals, and my boyfriend usually speaks for me. However, when we do go out it’s usually to concerts and getting a few drinks in me helps tremendously. Obviously that’s not healthy.

I think I just need reassurance that I AM taking steps and I’m not just collapsing or being overdramatic (which is How i always feel I am acting and it causes me to stay in situations that give me EXTREME anxiety.)

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