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lost my mother and my friends

Recently I lost my mom due to congestive heart failure. I took care of her for a long time and gave it my best shot to do what I could to relieve the pressure off myself due to taking care of her. Now she is gone and I live with my sister. I can't work due to seizures. Getting to depressed over everything. I'm trying to be a people pleaser and not tending to my own feelings. I think this is due to living before all this took place. It is hard for me to communicate with people. Getting constantly down on myself. Thanks for letting me vent a little.

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I'm very sorry for your loss, and understand being a people pleaser and not taking care of your own needs. My very good friend is that...but finally she is taking time out for herself, at least she's trying to. Glad your sharing here, lots of nice people to talk to.

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