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No 1 Keep count of your life events.

No 2 Spend more time on those neglected hobbies.

No 3 Practise relaxation techniques.

No 4 Make a long-term life plan.

No 5 Learn to delegate.

No 6 Spend more time with family and friends.

No 7 Allow yourself time to unwind.

No 8 Cut back on fatty food.

No 9 Avoid perfectionism.

No 10 Establish your priorities.

No 11 Stay with sensible drinking limits.

No 12 Put social time for yourself in your appointment diary.

No 13 Ensure you are in the right job.

No 14 Do one job at a time and finish it.

No 15 Hug somebody regularly.

No 16 Enjoy a walk-break every day.

No 17 Accept your own faults and weaknesses.

No 18 Avoid setting unnecessary deadlines.

No 19 Smile more.

No 20 Be realistic about your goals and ambitions.

No 21 Cut your caffeine intake.

No 22 Accept other peoples faults and weaknesses.

No 23 Speak and walk more slowly.

No 24 Seek help from others when you need it.

No 25 Organise your day to day activity more constructively.

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