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Struggling to get job and Super Anxious

Hi all, this is my first post and I was really surprised to see such caring responses. My husband just left and we divorced after 28 years. I have been looking for work since November, but I as super anxious trying to start over at 53. I have attention and memory lapses that I had ADHD, but it is the depression and anxiety the neurologist found through testing. I just don't know where turn next. I'm on meds, but all the psychologists my insurance covers only see patients once a month due to the high caseloads. This is a lot of problems to unload in a new place. I hope I don't push everyone away. Thank you so much for listening.

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Hello and welcome. Sorry to hear about what your going through. This is a place to let it out so don't worry about being judge. I'm sure you will find work so just try to take a breath. Even though you can only see your psychologist once a month if you wanted to you could try and search for support groups in your area if you needed to talk to someone in person. Also some free clinics have programs so then at least in person you might be able to talk to someone more then once a month. But don't lose HOPE and many here go through similar issues who can help you.


This is a great place for support, sounds to me like you are on the right path, with what you have been through, work will come , you know if you go for a walk, say hello to someone, I walk a lot, on my own, and I find the interaction great, just a smile and a nod from someone makes a huge difference , good luck, I will chat anytime x


welcome, yes we are a good group here, and your not alone. I can empathize with you, I too went through the divorce thing after a number of years, and was in my fifties trying to find employment because I could longer do the physical work I had been doing self employed. I found work in a call center, they don't care how old you are or what you look like. there seem to be quite a lot of them popping up everywhere. I also got work through a temporary agency, it didn't pay much, but was better than nothing. Good luck with the job search, but don't forget to give yourself some time to grieve the loss of your marriage too, I found I really needed to do that to properly move forward.


Hi there firstly welcome to our support group. I am so very sorry about your divorce. This happened to me after 25 yrs together. It was so difficult I became very depressed and anxious and didn’t believe in myself at all. I needed to be strong as I had a son of 17 living with me who needed much support. But 12 years later I want to tell you there is life after divorce and sadness but I did need pills and therapy x x


Hi dbcardew, sending you a warm welcome to a safe place to come when life gets overwhelming x

Starting over at any age is difficult and life changing, but not impossible. Put your thoughts into positive gear. Reach out to the forum for comfort, support and understanding. There's a wonderful group of men and women of all ages who support each other through all the stages of life we all go through.

Anytime you are ready, we are here to listen. :) xx


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