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Get me out of this life

Well lets see my developments-

1. I have GAD and depression and it just gets worse everyday. The treatment isnt helping.

2. I am jobless. Applied everywhere. Never get any interview calls.

3. Still stuck on ex boyfriend that dumped me a year ago (thats how pathetic i am)

4. My parents get annoyed by my behavior

Anybody knows how to solve f***** up situation like this?

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Hi, only you can solve your situation but let's go slow... 1. Anxiety and depression take a while to get better and that you are looking for treatment as it is is a plus.. so keep trying and look for more options. 2. Keep applying for jobs.. I think looking for a job is bad for your self esteem but we all experience the frustration of applying and not being called. Just keep trying. something will come up. Do not give up. 3. The ex.. not pathetic at all. It is hard to get over someone but you can do it... volunteer, go out, stay busy and time will heal you. 4. Parents... you can only do your best. I really do not know what you do that may annoy them but remember that above all THEY LOVE YOU.

Be patient with yourself... time will help you.. and do not be so hard on yourself :)


Thank you for appearing with this thoughtful reply.


Hello. Your post title caused me to stop among the numerous posts and replies I receive every day. I was afraid you meant serious physical harm or death. From the very good reply by AnxietySterling, I have taken a breath, and see you were reaching for advice on how the CHANGE your life. I don't think there is anything I could add to SterlingSterling's reply. Please maybe download it and keep for awhile for a positive reminder. Very best wishes in your effort for changing your life.


Please don't give up. Im in the same with not having a job,diganosed with anxiety. I can't get hired and I really have no experience. But I'm making small goals. Make sure to follow up after putting in applications. Maybe take a new course and widen your experience in another field.


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