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How can I stop worrying about something that isn't happening until May?


I'm Lou and I'm 20 years old and madly in love with my boyfriend of 2 years (almost)!

The thing is, I suffer realllly badly from Anxiety and Depression (BUT i'm in recovery!! My depression is no where near as bad as it was, so mainly ANXIETY is the problem) and hellll fire, I stress out and over think EVERYTHING.

My boyfriend is going to work on a cruise for 6-9 month in May (He is planning on taking 1-2 day trips home every month if he can, to make it easier though) and it's caused major, major issues, but I know that he needs to do it, it's his dream and an opportunity he can't pass up. AND he says it will set us up for the future, i.e. give him loads of experience to get a better job when he gets back and also give him a chance to save lots of money for us to buy a house/go travelling, and support us (so he's not just thinking of himself which was what I was initially thinking). He's adamant that we'll get through it and be stronger on the other side BUT I can't help to constantly worry and I spend all our time together thinking about how it's running out and before we know it he'll be going... He says that I need to just stop thinking about it and enjoy our time together but my argument is that it's easy for him to say that because he gets to be excited about leaving where all I get is heart break.. which he completely understands.

But I was just wondering if anybody could give me some advice on what I can do to help myself with worrying about it... how I can stop it, how I can stop myself from thinking up new things that are an issue all the time (i.e. getting jealous that he'll be friends with girls, missing out on things going on in his life, not getting to touch him and spend time with him, us not having matching times to speak etc. etc.) as it seems like every day I'm finding a new thing to worry about! Can anyone give me some tips to just chill out?


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Well I'm much younger than you, but what I do is say words like calm, or strong and words like that which are positive. This helps me take my mind off things and somehow gives me strength. I know it sounds like just saying a word might not work, but really imagine what the word is and it will work. Don't think you can't do it, think you CAN.


It's tricky, as you are bound to worry. As you say he's the one going so it's different for him. Just try and live your own life as much as you can. Though you have great times together also try to be self sufficient within yourself . Sending you hugs, Gemma X


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