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Depressed despite medications with almost crippling anxiety

I was told I had bipolar type 2 and put on depakote, I weighed 125 when I started it in August of 2017, and now I weigh 180lbs that depresses me the most and becoming anorexic has crossed my mind more than once. I don't eat junk food, I exercise 4 days a week. I'm disgusted with myself. The depression is so bad I can't bring myself to do things I really like. I'm stuck and it's just getting worse

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I have ADHD, 2 years ago I was put on geodon a mood stabilizer. I weighed 90 lbs at first, I now weigh about 200 lbs. I was so mad at my doctor she never told me a side affect was weight gain. I hate my self so much. I have no self esteem at all. I have no self esteem and because of that I just stoped caring about what I should think and only cared about what others think. Trust me don’t fall down that hole


How are we suppose to be happier when we can't stand ourselves?


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