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Anxiety help

I'm new here not this site, but joining a group for those who unfortunately have to deal with anxiety. This is my second time, So I'd like to help any way I can. To me just knowing someone else out there knows how I feel and I know how they do, so maybe I can give them some hope or positive thoughts to keep going. I know it is very unpleasant, but I hope your journey is swift and successful. sending good thoughts...Hannah'

II.m not crazy. Makes me feel less afraid. Putting it in writing helps too believe it or not!

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Glad you are here. Only a person with severe anxiety could understand when I say that the thing I've always been most afraid of is people seeing that

I'm afraid! So I always tried to hide who I am in public or hide from the public. BUT-in the last five years I have made good improvement and these posts are great.


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