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Damned Anxiety

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I've been trying to ride above my problems, but my mornings seem to be getting worse with more difficulty getting motivated and on the move.

I then use the afternoons to try and make up for lost time, rushing through the time, regretting not being productive in the mornings.

I've managed to use mindfulness and breathing, along with calling Samaritans and MH Crisis Line when I feel my anxiety rising toward me letting go, they can help calm me down, though I've all but broken down in public several times recently.

I also struggle to focus and break down things into manageable chunks so I don't feel overwhelmed.

I hit so many triggers most days they set me off again.

Even daily shopping etc has become very difficult, seems I've struggled for ages and not fully appreciated it, just got on with it, planning for coming days is a nightmare.

Does anyone else have these issues, if so how have you managed and driven through it and motivated in the mornings?

If I can get through to the evenings OK I breathe a sigh of relief, though then feel guilty about not doing other household chores !!

Thanks peeps.

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I can relate to how you feel. What you are described sounds like a typical bad day for me. My bad days used to be few and far between but over the last few years I’ve seen a dramatic increase and now I can count the good days in a month on one hand. When it gets bad all I can do is close my eyes, breathe and try to find just a moment of peace even if it’s just for a second. I’m hopeful that it won’t be like this forever and things will get better after I can make some changes to my life that are given me the most heartache.

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@ckw1 It's some relief to know I'm not alone with this, thank you.

This all started back in April, was quite bad, seemed to improve somewhat through the summer as I got more confident.

Now the Autumn seems well and truly upon us, and I know I hate winters things seem to be going backward again.

Fingers crossed we both make changes and progress soon.

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ckw1 in reply to CapitalT

I think a major source of my anxiety is because of my job. I feel stuck but I don’t have a lot of options for making a change because of financial issues.

I do understand how you feel about the anxiety of going into the winter months. It seems like that is just an added issue to pile on top of everything else that is going on. I usually find relief from my anxiety through exercise and being outdoors but I dislike the cold. I’m going to try something new this winter and continue with my running to see if it will help to lessen the anxiety.

I have yet to do this, but people recommend a high dose of vitamin D to supplement. Seasonal depression is a very real thing and I guess vitamin d has helped a lot of people cope with it. I am for sure going to do this as the seasons change, I start getting very low this time of year also.

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CapitalT in reply to Pariah2

I've been on Vit D for a while as a blood test showed i was low. I have had to buy it as it's now not available on prescription, so bought in bulk and put it in the bedside drawers and forgot all about it until recently, hey ho, found it now and take 2 a day.

Good luck @ Pariah2

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Pariah2 in reply to CapitalT

Awesome thanks. I hope it works for me. The one good thing about the winter months is my anxiety for doing daily shopping is a little better when its darker out so that's a positive for me, makes things easier for some reason and traffic is not so bad.

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