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I did it!

Thank you for everyone’s support it gave me courage to blurt it out. I cried a lot trying to explain to my husband the most current trigger keeping a dark cloud over me. He hugged me until I stopped crying and asked what I needed. I am currently looking for work/ volunteer opportunities to help with my feeling worthless. And my husband will help me find a daycare for our baby so I can have availability to work. Thank you again for the support!

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This was so brave and smart I have a job and I send my 2.5 year old to daycare and it gives me such a nice break to have mature Interactions!!! Bravo!!!


There your strong brave side came out, and your husband showed his caring understanding side, looks like you are making big strides. I learnt in therapy "communication - or lack of" is one of the big problems in out lives. So keep the door open and be open to talk and listen, it really does work. More power to you. I send you strength, love and communication. Sprinkle 1

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