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Perception becomes Reality

I know that this post differs from the typical post, but it applies to so many of the posts I read. This is not the alpha answer to A & D, but I find that it is a step that effects some relief.

Everyday self-talk is usually both positive and negative, this balance changes day to day. If I choose a negative statement "I'm so tired today", I will be tired today. If I make a positive statement "I am glad to be at work today", I will find that my reality is, I am glad to be here. At times we can only partially modify our negative self-talk from "I am so depressed today" to "I feel depressed right now, but it will pass". If you check yourself you will find that a lot of negative self-talk is either wrong or exaggerated, so we need to learn to challenge these thoughts. Most (all) people have negative self-talk in their lives, but they don't suffer the same conditions that we do. For us negative thoughts are not a dip in the road, they are a cliff. With a little effort there is a more positive perspective that can be found for every situation that brings us down, even if it is basic just acceptance. "Don't be a judge", "let things go", and all of that other "advice", actually works for us, if we want it to.

I actually like my new life, and I thank you all for being here for me...

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Thank you for the reminder. I think your right, sometimes I will work myself up and have all of these negative and bad thoughts and it would ruin my day. I do my best to stay positive.


I have ruined days, months, maybe years of my life with negative thinking... and it was all in my head.


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