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Don’t know how to put it into words

I’m an 18 year old girl who’s always been quite a chilled back person till the last year. I’ve changed as a person for the worst and it’s got a lot worse since I joined uni, looking for tips to become a stronger person again and learn how to relax again because I feel like it’s been a while, when I try to talk to someone about it I’m not sure how to put it into words so looking for help on here, I don’t have a bad life and I feel guilt for feeling like this because I’m surronded by the best people, but like I said I want to be the more chilled out person I was going back last year, any help, tips or experiences I would be grateful to know I’m not the only one, thank you x

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It seems as if you’re anxious because of uni. I know it’s very stressful, but is there any other reason? Like, are you failing a class? I think exams are coming up, that could also be a reason.

It seems like you need tips on how to calm anxiety, right? There are meditation apps such as simplehabit that can help with that. There’s also a BUNCH of tips online. Self care is your biggest one though.


Boys thanks for the reply, I was anxious before starting uni in the summer but since I went it’s gotten worse, I pass all my classes with flying colours but because I stay away for uni I think it may be something to do with that because I’m a good two hours away from home. I’m going to transfer next year to a closer uni as I feel more in my comfort zone at home, thank you for suggesting the apps I’ll have a look right away, just want to be able to relax again without always feeling nervous, thank you x


what do you mean changed for the worst?


Going back this time last year I was a very chilled out person who could easily brush things of my shoulder and get on through life happy, but going back in the summer of 2017 I feel like things have changed and I’ve changed into a person I am not, being anxious and feeling nervous is not who I am and I would just love to go back to the chilled person who I always have been for the majority of my life. Anxiety has stopped me from doing major things this year with my friends and family, and I just want to know how to control it so I can get out and live again.

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