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Anxiety over getting diagnosed

HI everyone, on my mother's side, and some of my siblings have battled with mental illnesses, anxiety being one of them. My wife has made many comments about my own anxiety. She thinks I should get diagnosed. I always replied, "I'm not that bad". I'm starting to think I'm in denial. Anyone else out there go through denial? I also fear being embarrassed by going to a doctor and being told that I'm just being over dramatic. Any advice out there?

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Growing up in a family with mental illness definitely changes ones perspective on it. I can relate to comparing myself to other family members and not thinking mine was that bad, but also wondering at times, is this anxiety or what does anxiety feel like and how would I know if its bad enough to tell a dr? What I have learned is that if my mental health is effecting relationships with other people (i.e. wearing out my friends with talk about my problems in hopes of relieving my anxiety or not attending functions I normally would, staying home for long periods, not calling people or talking to people in social setting much because I am self conscience of what I say or ruminate over conversations replaying things in my head over and over later or needing to process many conversations by talking about them), or impacting the way I take care of myself or others, it's worth getting help!

As far as denial, it could be something to consider since it's coming from someone who loves you and cares about you. It might not feel like denial, and it might feel like getting help means you compare yourself to the worse off family member who HAD to get help, but there are all different kinds and levels of help out there in this field, and something small might make all the difference. It could help relationships, work and your happiness!

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