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It's time to say hello as I just got here

Hello everyone,

I'm just getting my feet wet finding my way around HealthUnlocked.

A little bit about myself. I lost my wife almost four years ago. Due to not thinking ahead as we should have, we had no life insurance. That, of course, has been an issue that keeps coming back in my mind as I'm not where I wanted to be right now.

So, because of having no insurance and just after my wife's passing Social Security decided that I was not disabled anymore I had to leave most of my belongings behind and move back to another state to live with my parents until I can at least get things sorted out with Social. Yes, I have a lawyer. This will be my third hearing, whenever that will be that is.

So I have manic depression, anxiety issues plus I have tried the suicide option but failed obviously.

Okay, enough for now. Comment as you will.

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Hello Sydney, I am sorry about your wife and your ensuing problems. You say you're not where you wanted to be now and you may have to change your plans for your future. People used to live with their families and parents and grandparents were cared for at home. Would something like that be possible in your situation ?I would much prefer that as a child or as a parent instead of living in a home. At some point many end up being cared for by strangers. Perhaps this could benefit both you and your parents. At any rate waiting on social security may take some time and you need to get on with your life. It helps when you are anxious and depressed to have a secure place, a stable environment. Try to find that for yourself. You may have to be flexible . I'm sure more ideas will follow. Pam

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Thank you for you reply Pam. Dad is the culprit as far as making things difficult to live with him and mom. He has always been the type that thinks he is right about everything in the world. This has been made much worse due to a head injury he received a few years ago. We could use more help around the house than other family members can help with. It's bad for my weak heart to be around mom and dad as they get in a verbal fight at least once a week and I need to break these up sometimes.

The only trained medical personnel that I see at home is my volunteer nurse who checks on me to see how I am doing as I have had a heart attack and an AFib this year.


I have Afib and I can't be around emotional drama so I can relate. What kind of options do you have ? And what is your most pressing problem?


As a matter of fact, the only option (medical) that I have now is to make an appointment with my MD to discuss what the options will be. My cardiologist has failed in any attempts to find a solution to my heart problems so I am giving up on him.

In the meantime, I'm spending my time online to get away from the waiting game as I am waiting on everything at this point.


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