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New and many issues but OCD with wet hair on body is really bothering me and can't find others who experience this

Hi to all,

I am new here and what brought me is my issue with awful feelings when showering and feeling a wet hair on my skin. It can be while I'm showering or when drying off. I've told myself at times to try and let it go but it makes me sick to my stomach. I don't like a hair on my floor or counter so it isn't necessarily wet only. But I find it taking me forever to get a shower taken because I have to be sure every hair is gone. Aside from this I have had chronic major depression and generalized anxiety disorder since a young child. But for now I'm really trying to find someone who has this hair issue because so far I've not found anyone..

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I'm sorry you are experiencing this, I hope you will find someone who has experienced this. I have a lot of triggers around showering, it's very frustrating, difficult and at times embarrassing.

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What if when you wash your hair, you lean over face toward the shower head and let your hair hang down not touching your body. Wash it and rinse it like that. If you put conditioner on for a few minutes, put all your hair up in a big clip on top of your head. Rinse the same way. Get out,, immediately wrap it in a towel. Put on a robe or something with a high collar for when you brush your hair out so it doesn't touch your neck. Have you tried this?

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Thank you for your suggestions. It means alot to me. Unfortunately, it's not the head of hair on my body but rather a stray hair that's stuck to my body, like between my toes... oh ick!! When I dry off and find a wet hair, I will go through a ritual to remove it. Needless to say, showers take me a good hour. My hair falls out real bad and even when I take the shower head and spray my body down, I still have stray hairs. Oh geesh!! What a weird issue.. Thanks again.. you're so sweet


Hello, I have the wet hair issue. I didn't always have it while showering, usually just every other way but recently my panic attacks and OCD have gotten worse and during a shower a hair got on my foot and I just about completely lost it. Now I do what downandout was suggesting. I wrap my hair in a bag or hair towel when I shower then after my shower I wear tight fitting purple gloves and I flip my head over in the tub and wash it that way. The gloves help prevent me from seeing the hair in my fingers. I don't know why this started but that's what I have found that helps me.

Good luck, I know it's not easy and it doesn't make sense to anyone else so when I told people I would get the old 'get over it'speech. I wish it were that easy.



I'm sorry you are going through this too. I also didn't always have this. It began about 10 years ago. So unusual and I don't know what to even name it. Hair fear? or texture??? I'm glad "downandout" was able to help you. I do wrap my head in a towel after washing it and finish my shower. It's the combing it out and getting hair on my body or the floor. The foot is a awful place for me to find and feel a hair. I wonder what it is from... I wish you peaceful showers from here on out. And thanks for replying to me..


Omg...yes..wet hair on the foot or toes will send me into a freaked out panic in a minute. I don't mind dry hair...I can run my fingers through my dry hair but wet...omg...I don't even know what it is. I've never liked it but it's gotten way worse lately. I brush brush brush it before my shower while it's dry. I have to lean over the trash can and pull out the hair from my brush each stroke. I do freak out if a hair is still in the brush when I go to do the next stroke. When this happens...looking at me you would think I just walked through an enourmous spider web... Funny to imagine it as I'm sitting here. But after I wash my hair, I can't brush it out...I just throw it up in a messy bun and let it stay that way until I brush it out before my next shower.

Sometimes I miss having my hair down, all wavy and always smells like Pantene. I used to make people smell my hair all the time...ha ha and no one ever would imagine what I'm going through. In fact I never thought anyone ever could. As much as I hate that you are dealing with it, it's sort of comforting to know someone can understand me...not that we understand why it's happening...but at least we can understand each other.


You are welcomed to email me anytime. I don't sleep but a few minutes here or there..usually up for a few days at a time. Stupid anxiety.


I check it more often.


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