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So ugly all I want is to die and not feel anymore!!

Hi everyone. All I can think of is death cause of looking like a monster. Cigarettes have made my face sag and ugly like a monster and FREAK. Sorry for saying such negative things but I don't see a way out. Hope you all had a great xmas

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So you would rather give up your life than the cigarettes?


I looked at your picture and you are not a monster. But the fact that you believe it so strongly makes me wonder if you trust anyone to be honest with you. I really encourage you to see a doctor to talk about medication and your body image - it could be that you have body dysmorphic disorder, which is thinking that there is something wrong with how you look when there just isn't.

You look like a very nice, kind person in your picture, and I wish you the very best. I hope you get some help so that you're feeling better soon

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Thank you for saying that. Plus for taking the time to reply. I thought it might be that but ppl always look at me with dirty looks when I did nothing wrong. I'm very nice to ppl and I've always been treated like crap!! Its like ppl just have to treat me bad for some reason. I just want to give up. I guess ill be alone the rest of my life. I look scary due to 🚬. I'm having the hardest time quitting. The skin around my mouth sags so bad. I can't afford plastic surgery which would possibly fix the problem. I'm devastated and lonely. I've got lines on my upper lip that make me look physco. I just keep photos that show me smiling cause if I don't smile then the sagging shows and I just want to die than look this frightening. Again thanks for the kind words. Ill look into the BDD more.


None of us is going to have a beautiful smooth skin all of our lives. Eventually we'll all have faces with sags, wrinkles, etc. It's just part of life. I don't know if any of us can truly escape because at some point, I do think face lifts can make older people look very strange. There's nothing wrong with getting older.

I do think you look just fine and hope you will look into BDD. Have a good night and take good care!


People might be responding to the way you feel about yourself. Also if you're smiling more often to hide what you perceive to be your flaw it may seem off to people. For me...I respond to people's self confidence and whether or not they want to interact with me not their looks. Please look inside and see your fine qualities and concentrate on what you like on the outside...you have blonde hair many would love to have for example. We are more than the sum of our parts. 💓


Thanks. I see your a dog lover too!! I miss my girl Cheyenne. I haven't been able to have a dog because of living in my apt for 5 years. Its been lonely. I miss doing fun stuff with her since she died. I see your in Touson I'm in Vegas. Moving to st. George Utah in a few months. Sorry for rambling....thanks for all that you wrote. It was very,nice!! Happy 2018!!!😁😎


i saw death when i was with flu 11 months ago


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