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Boxing day sadness

Help, I am in a relationship living in his house I gave my council flat up 3 years ago to move to a different area with him. My son who is 13 is this we have 5yo, 2yo and 11m old.

I have fallen out with my mum this year and we don't talk. I have not spoken to my brother in 3 years. I am so desperate.

I have 9k in debts and work 2 days a week.

I can't get the deposit together as I have to pay the debts off.

I started smoking again after 3 years not smoking.

My partner stars a row with little comments and is really sarcastic to my son and I.

He drove my mum away, we have no friends that visit.

I have had a huge row with my son tonight fuelled my little comment from my partner.

My mind is going crazy.

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I am so sorry to hear you are in an icky place right now. Ugh! Hate those stupid fights about literally nothing!

Perhaps start by trying to reach out to your son and apologize, then perhaps a call to your mum? Mums are typically very forgiving if we are being honest and true!!!!!!! She may be sitting somewhere tonight praying you will reach out to her!


I agree with pear67 reach out to your mom, and if you can't live with her you can get another alternative by finding a safe place for you and your kids there are many numbers you can call for assistance. Where are you from?


Kelly81, I am sorry you are feeling So stuck. Do you have a counselor? Are you on meds? Do you think it is time to reach out to your Mom? Connecting can be very healing. Take one day at a time about things, like dept and smoking. You have a big family, that could be a blessing. I wish I had a bigger family! Don’t give in to petty fights. I’ll pray for you.



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