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This season is the hardest for me

Feeling depressed and teary today, the day after Christmas.

I don't have any family who live close by.

I have a boyfriend but he too suffers from depression and we usually don't go to whichever one

of his siblings homes on Christmas Eve. That is there traditional time to celebrate and exchange gifts.

He has a very large family and, since he doesn't like to stop anyway, we never brought gifts when we DID go and then we felt awkward. To make it even MORE uncomfortable, one or two of his sisters would give him a gift and some little gift to me.

Maybe I sound ungrateful or unwilling to give. But I DO give to people in need, both charities and, at times a friend in need.

I don't have any friends who live close to me either.

You see, I don't drive on highways or very far out of my relatively small "safe" area.

I know there are many of you going through much tougher times then me. I FEEL for ALL of you.

I have to stay away from Facebook right now because all the pictures of people's beautiful homes, decorated with gorgeous trees, etc., make me feel worse.

My house needs a LOT of work and I have lived here since 1986!

I can afford to do SOME things, like get new living room furniture, but I'm too depressed to get out and do it. Plus, Winter is my worst season and I can't stand being out in the cold.

I have to go now.

Thanks for listening.

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Bless you and thank you for posting. This is a very difficult time of year; just do the best you can to get through these times and things will ease in a few days. People do care XXx


Thank you, Still Trying,

It means a lot that you replied.




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