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Some people just will never understand my condition. Sometimes, people mistake me as attentio- seeking. Don't they realize I DON'T want this

Lately, I've felt like I'm an Alien who speaks an undetermined language when I try to interact with people. There is one particular person whose first response is anger to my symptoms; I'm sick of explaining myself to people. I'm honest--accept me for who I am or just stay away from me. Why do people enjoy my misery. They're sick, as well, in my opinion.

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Hi you don't have to explain yourself to anyone you know. It's none of their business and it is your choice. It doesn't mean others don't care about and love you - it only means they don't understand. There is no reason to keep flogging a dead horse is there? It just makes you more miserable. Your only duty is to yourself so only do things (as much as possible) that make you feel better. x


I get that reaction from people also and it's very disappointing .I'm trying to have as normal a life as I can and I want to inter act with others. So when I get that angry response I'm puzzled by it. I don't dwell on my issues, but I will talk about them if asked. I think may be they don't know how to respond and react negatively .I don't have the energy to deal with this so I move on . Pam


I can completely relate, I have said the exact same thing. I feel like an alien.. It is becasue people don’t understand. They never will unless they have been in our shoes. I just try to surround myself with compassionate and understanding family and friends and I don’t explain myself to others.


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