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hello I have anxiety and stress related issues...I can overcome some of it sometimes but when it hits hard I am spinning out of control here...I tried relaxation meditation too but when your in the middle of one episode I just can't concentrate on what I have to do to get over it...I,m glad I found this community and today is good but for how long? ....

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  • Unfortunately no one can answer that question. You may feel fine and then it’s either gone or maybe you can feel it slipping away. Just try and find something that calms you and take advantage of that. Easier said than done I know.

  • this is so very true this disorder turns on me while I'm not looking and then its too late ...

  • Hey and welcome m6s3e1k0m4! Are you currently on any medicine or therapy? Carebear is right, our feelings and moods can change very often. I have been dealing with anxiety and panic disorder fro 10 years, sometimes you never know what you're going to wake up too. However with therapy and medication in my personal experience along with not being afraid of the anxiety and ACCEPTING it. It really does do wonders!

  • no I'm not on any prescribed medecine but I do take homeopathic medecine and it works fine only that sometimes this disorder creeps up on me without my knowing and thats when I start to panic :( are you on medecine Loveydovey0519? and thanks for the welcome nice to have friends to talk toto about this without being judged :)

  • You definitely will not be judged here! That is one of the great things about this place, we all share very similar things :). I do take medicine and have been for 6-7 years actually. I also have been in and out of therapy over the course of my anxiety struggles!

  • thank you and I do feel very comfortable here and you seem to be feeling good too wich is awsome :)

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