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Get rid of depression


I suffered my whole life from depression until one year ago when I discovered TMS Therapy at the Institution of living in Hartford Ct. I've been free now for over a year. Best thing ever just look it up and read about it and discuss with your doctor. Good luck

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Different solutions work for different people. I'm curious to know what TMS therapy is and how it functions.

Dpaolucci63 in reply to Hidden

It's a magnetic stimulation to the part of the brain where the depression stems from. Go to and it will explain how it works.

I'm currently in the process of trying to get it covered bt insurance. How many treatments until you started to see relief? Do you have to do any follow up treatments? Are you off all meds? Sorry for so many questions, I'm just interested.

I get TMS too and am happy too answer questions.

How long ago did you have your treatment?

I still get maintenance treatments once a week.

I started in January 2016.

Oh thanks! How many treatments before you started to feel better?

It didn't kick in for me until around the 28th treatment, which was pretty anxiety -provoking!

By the third week I felt myself changing. Some people my need to go in for maintenance. I've been off of my meds since June.


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