Excessive biting skin on sides of fingers and chapped lip skin picking/biting/eating?

I've done this since i can remember.(since childhood/was excessive then too) When picking my skin on my lips it's excessive because i have done this for YEARS EVERY few days. Whenever my skin grow back or the cuts heal, i do it again. I tried stopping but it's extremely hard. I do it so much my lips bleed and get cuts on my top and bottom lips. I eat the skin too....the chapped skin of course. I find myself doing this in front of people, in pubic, and in front of family. It's hard to resist and even with shorter fingernails i still try to do it but is mostly successful but more painful.

I bite the skin on the sides of my fingers. As a child it was sooooo bad. I would have cuts and burning/stinging sensations on each finger. As i gotten older i don't bite every finger and usually just do both thumbs. Once i bite the skin, i usually go back and forth between biting and peeling my skin back with my other hand on the piece of skin that is sticking up or bothering me and i feel like i need to get rid of it.

Trust me, these behaviors are painful but i guess i'm used to the pain...is that abnormal? Is this a bad sign? I can't stop either. I do these everytime after the affected areas are heal back.

It's weird i can be used to this kind of pain but not cut myself...is this my own way of creating physical pain due to depression and anxiety without realizing it????

Do others do this?!?!?!😖

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  • I bite my nails too, but don't go as far as yourself with it. I know there are people who do this kind of thing though. Scratching, pulling out hair etc.

    Have you tried doing things to break the habit? Like using balms or creams which taste funny to catch your attention when you're doing it?

    Or maybe try sitting on your hands to force yourself not to start biting. Switching that behaviour for another less harmful one might be the way to go.

  • No i haven't exactly tried those. I tried using chapstick to smooth my lips but chapstick makes them easier to peel!!! I am just embarrassed and hate my mouth anyways. Guess it's a insecurity too....😢

    Thank you for replying and for your good advice.

  • Yeah the lips are a hard one.

    Is it simply a nervous thing, is it due to some medication you're taking?

    It might be worth giving the hand cream a go. Also there is this stuff:


    ...it's supposed to be for your nails, but I'm sure you could put some on your thumbs to help you stop biting them.

  • Thank you so much!😄 your very helpful and kind👍

  • I did it for many years - mostly all the fingers. It was worst as a child and eventually I did it less and less, and now, not too much. In my case, I think getting busier helped, particularly working and having a baby to care for. I know this doesn't give you too many helpful hints to stop. Maybe work on your lips first as I think that is the most painful. Perhaps try wearing 2 coats of lipstick. xx

  • That's a good idea. Thanks.

  • Hi yes I use to bite my nails and the skins a lot. I recently stopped biting my nails but I still tear the skin off mainly my thumbs I wish I could show pictures but sometimes they bleed

  • I do this to my thumbs too it’s horrible. I used to bite my nails or when I was in school chew on my pencils and pens but once I got my tongue pierced I stopped all of that.

  • That's good you stopped😌😜

  • Yeah it's awful. I wish i didn't do it. It's addicting.

  • I pick at the skin mostly on my right thumb with my right index finger. I've been doing it at least half of my life now, and god does it get worse when I'm even more anxious than my now standard level of anxious. My thumb pretty much never ever heals and I frequently make it bleed. I also rub the rough skin that I've picked at over my lips. That feels weird to say to the internet, but there it is. I also sometimes pull out loose hair and intertwine that in my fingers when I super anxious. Ugh, stupid anxious habits.

  • It's okay, see, we aren't alone! In this together.

  • Thanks, that does ease my feelings knowing I'm not crazy and others do similar things. :)

  • Of course, i am very messed up from depression and anxiety too....

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