i need to get a gosh darn job and i havent been able to get out of bed the past two days. i have no friends and i really dont know why. ive reached out for help in multiple ways, to my boyfriend, my mom, and my old friends but either no one knows what to do or they just dont want to deal with it. i know i cant do this alone and im just confused. who the hell do i go to. im so lost ushajaksks this is such a stereotypical post but its impossible to get out of this alone and no matter what people say on here im still going to be alone i just want to scream at everyone i feel like i hate the whole world i feel like its failed me

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  • Hi embou, You may not like what I'm going to say but the truth be told, even I was taken back by your anger which shows in every word you wrote. It's not that your boyfriend, mom and friends don't want to deal with it but don't know how to deal with your issues. Unless people have been in the same position as you, that can't comprehend what it is like to feel alone and angry in what life has dealt you. Anxiety is a very lonely disorder because of that. It is one of the reasons that the forum is so popular because we now have a safe place to come where others understand and support what we are feeling. That doesn't mean that they are responsible for getting you back on your feet but just support you.

    You wanting to scream at everyone and hate the whole world is pushing any friends you do have, away. You scare them. I think you are so scared yourself that you are taking out the anger on everyone around you. But the change that you are looking for needs to come from you. Use that anger to motivate you to get better. To prove to others you have what it takes to survive. You are what you think. If you think you are great and that you are a Warrior, you will march forward with confidence and determination that you are going to meet any challenges in life alone. Sometimes doing things alone gives us the strength that we didn't think we had. The accomplishment in doing things by our selves makes us a better person.

    Of course you can find a Life Coach, A Mentor but those cost money. I believe without even knowing you that if you channel that anger that you are displaying into a positive approach, you won't need anyone. I'm talking from experience. No one was there for me and so I was there for myself. And I promised myself that when I reached my goal (and I did) I would NEVER be beholding to anyone again. I am and will always be my own person.

    Embou, I wish you well. I'm here, the forum is here if you need a listening ear. We do care about each other, honestly xx

  • thank you so much i believe everything you say i needed some answers to why i have no one and what i need to do to get out of this and i will try my hardest. it means a lot to hear from people who have already been through all of it. i feel like im still at the beginning of accepting who i am and what has happened to me but i dont think i could do it without all of your support.

  • embou, I heard what you were saying only because I have been there myself.

    I'm always here for anyone struggling as well as the others on the forum. PM me anytime. I do care xx

  • i might just take you up on that i know no one else who has been through the same thing or at least admitted to going through it. again thank you. means so much you have no idea.

  • I'm here...xx

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