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The last year a lot has happened with my family my brother attempted suicide, my boyfriend lost his house and family feel apart I helped him while avoiding the problems with my brother. My parents fight my step dad doesn’t get along with me, my mom got surgery I found her hurt and it messed with me. My boyfriend and I fight a lot about nothing which leads to I hate you’s. I feel like the last 3 weeks ive been falling apart, I think every time I leave the house I’m going to die, every time I go to sleep I’m not going to wake up, or something bad is going to happen to someone I love. I can’t breathe and feel like I’m not living in my own body.

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Dear Rachel, there are times in everyone’s lives, yes, some more than others, where we really feel so very upset, angry, unsettled, frightened, unstable and it’s usually when a whole set of circumstances come together to make everything seem totally OUT OF CONTROL!

You have had and by the sounds of it are going through an unimaginably awful time you poor soul. But, you reached out! We are all here to support each other and right now you need plenty of that.

Sometimes it really helps to write things down in a notebook all the things that are troubling you and give them a priority for dealing with. When there is so much going on we forget to look after ourselves too! This is really important.

Try starting Friday by escaping the house and buying a notebook and over a coffee write out how you see the situation and then write down what you feel you can do to help and prioritise that in numbers. Let others know what you are doing too. There sounds a lot of adults involved there! Remember please you are not responsible for them all!

Please do let us know how you get on! We are interested l promise! I will certainly keep an eye open for your posts! Love Chloe 💕


Thank you so much that really means a lot I mean I’m 22 and a lot has happened I grew up with a horrible drunk and abusive father didn’t see him for 8 year then saw him 4 years ago and it was a let down hugely. It makes me feel better being able to say I’ve been through shit but it’s made me stronger this right now all this stuff is just hurting me so bad. I don’t know what to do anymore just feel lost and like nobody cares or thinks I’m being dramatic

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Hi Rachel

It sounds like you've had a year that anyone would struggle to deal with and especially difficult at your young age. When you get through this awful time and are back in a position to live your life, I'm sure you'll have gained a great deal of strength. I don't know why difficult events always come along together to overwhelm us but they always seem to! There are lots of people on this site who care and Chloe's reply seemed very helpful. I hope things get easier very soon and meantime I think the prioritising what's important to you is a good place to start. Good luck with everything and keep posting. Love Mags x

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Thank you mags it’s been a really hard year and the last 3-4 weeks have been extremely hard on me to the point that I couldn’t go to work today. Hopefully this will pass soon cause I can’t live like this being afraid to leave the house and be anywhere but home and be scared when I’m not or have panic attacks cause I left home like that’s not living


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