hoping for a better day

hoping for a better day

Yesterday was a very very long day.... I tired to not let my anxiety & stress get to me.... but the lack of support at work got to me... I even left the shop later, as result.... end up with an angry husband as result.... He really wants me to quit.... doesn't like how the stress gets to me. With Halloween 2 weeks away I can't right now. Best I can do is try talking to my manager again & just try to get through it.... then decide next month. It's $2 cupcake day at bakery near my work, so at least that. And spending some quality time with Hans in yard this morning.... 😊 ❤ to everyone & hugs to those who need them.

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  • Hugs to you too 💟

  • >>>>>Hugs<<<<<

  • He's right smh why can't they hire people or train the ones that are already there to help you. This happened already this manager need to do better

  • Wish I knew.... million $ question.... that's why I am pretty sure I won't be around much longer.... too much for what I'm paid for 😧 Cupcake time

  • Get some chocolate too hun they make me feel better 😚

  • 🤗 got chocolate peanut butter & pumpkin.... Got 2 of each, just in case my husband steals 1.Leaving on time tonight 😊

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