I’m not brave enough to say “me too”

*trigger warning for those who may be sensitive to sexual violence*

Have you seen the Facebook posts recently saying “me too” to sexual harassment/assault? All day has been one big trigger. I can’t even go on Facebook anymore and it’s my job to be. I’m not brave enough to admit that I’ve been raped. I don’t even think the person who did it knows what they did. I couldn’t remember it/accept it for over a year. I’m just so sad. I’m not strong enough or in a place right now to admit it on Facebook. My family doesn’t even know. I just feel so depressed and already anxious but now I’m just afraid I’ll have panic attacks every time it’s brought up.

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  • So don't bring it up now

  • I'm sorry.... as a survivor myself, I understand how hard it is. Very few of my friends know.... You aren't alone 💛

  • I saw it and I think it’s referring to general harassment in the workplace etc. while I have experienced that, I have also experienced something much much worse. I can’t say the “me too” thing because it brings to mind horrible things that I absolutely cannot deal with.

  • Yes exactly

  • Please don't feel that you need to admit anything to anyone at any time. Those who have openly admitted online may be comfortable enough that they can do so. You have already suffered the trauma and accepted the sad fact. That in itself is a huge undertaking and furthers your steps towards healing. If you haven't already done so, I hope you will consider counseling so you may aid in your recovery under professional guidance. Unfortunately, since your job mandates that you frequent the internet, for the time being, quickly scan titles of articles and posts that appear on any website and stay away from those that deal with topics that may be sensitive to you. If the topic comes up in discussions, politely excuse yourself to the restroom. I sincerely hope that time and counseling will help you heal and bring you peace.

  • Thank you peaceout 🌺

  • Sounds like you're having a very natural reaction to something that should never have happeend. I'm so sorry - it was not your fault! I urge you to call your local Rape Crisis Center to meet with an advocate. They undergo a lot of training to understand sexual assault and the feelings of victims, and many of them have experienced it themselves. These services are usually free.

    I'm so glad you posted here and hope you'll keep coming back.

  • I ws raped the summer after 8th grade. Its been three years and I've only just told my family, roughly two months ago. I suffer from extreme PTSD, GED and panic disorder among others and it has taken a massive toll on my life. But what I can tell you is when it's ready to come up, it will. And when that happens and you feel like you need to talk, reach out to a therapist, or to us online even, and we will be right here to walk you through recovery. I know your pain, and I know what it feels like to be caught between shame and tragedy. Just know when you cant go left or right, go forward

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