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My negative thoughts are given me a lot of pain about the thought of loosing someone I love

Theses thoughts are overpowering me and make my heart race that the person I'm with won't be able to handle me anymore and all my issues that I face and how I cope with them. I'm completely isolated and talking to no one and doing nothing but studying and giving him no time at all or even intimacy. I'm so mean to him and I feel so beyond guilty for treating him like this when he is nothing but amazing and nice and understanding, I don't get why he is still putting up with this, I hate myself for being so mean because of all these bad thoughts I don't think I'll make it if I lose him, he has helped me through so much, I owe him my whole heart and life for what he's done for me.

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Let him know and talk to him about how you feel. I'm sure if he loves you he'll understand.


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